Ace Moe – Ace Hardware

Me and Ace go way back to ball playin days. This is his first solo project  Ace Hardware (available on datpiff) and I was honored to be apart of it. Hailing from Mississippi by way of the Dub Ace was a part of a group that consisted of 8:34 (you should know probably know who he is by now).  I produced a majority of this project and it I started to learn how to mix a little better (I still suck even now lol).


  1. intro (produced by me)
  2. fly s*** (produced by me)
  3. play it cool (produced by me)
  4. get my bread (produced by me)
  5. great
  6. everywhere
  7. hood hop (produced by me)
  8. stack dat paper
  9. smile (produced by me)
  10. country boi’s (produced by me)
  11. plan a (produced by me)
  12. get it off my mind
  13. cruisin (produced by me)
  14. showin my a** (produced by me)
  15. get paid (produced by me)
  16. new outfit (produced by me)
  17. let a n**** be (produced by me)

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