8:34 – Numbers Don’t Lie


Numbers Don’t Lie is the second mixtape by 8:34 and the second project that includes G-lu production. Available at datpiff.

Tracklisting Below:

  1. Freeze Me
  2. So Many (Produced By G-lu)
  3. Never Been
  4. Grind Always (Produced By G-lu)
  5. Prolly (Produced By G-lu)
  6. Wassup (Produced By G-lu)
  7. What They Talking Bout (Produced By G-lu)
  8. Never Fit In (Produced By G-lu)
  9. Dundada (Produced By G-lu)
  10. This Is How I’m Coming (Produced By G-lu)
  11. Down Low (Produced By G-lu)
  12. Feels Good
  13. When I Slide (Produced By G-lu)
  14. He Don’t Like That (Produced By G-lu)
  15. Aint Mad (Produced By G-lu)
  16. Cabin Fever
  17. I’m Good (Produced By G-lu)
  18. Tickin On’em
  19. Hate It

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