Judge Dread – Underrated Undersaid

Another Judge Dread project, Underrated Undersaid, that features a few of my productions. I tried my hand again at mixing the project and as always felt I could do better but that’s with nearly every project. (available on datpiff)



  1. Underrated Undersaid
  2. What She Like
  3. Ridin Low
  4. I’ll Be Waiting (Produced by me)
  5. Handz Out
  6. LAC turns (Produced by me)
  7. Times Before
  8. Against The Wall
  9. Let’s Ride
  10. Peep Game
  11. I’ll I Wanna Do (Produced by me)
  12. I Swerve, I Lean
  13. Lives
  14. Don’t Forget
  15. Do It like Me
  16. opm 2
  17. A** fat Back Low
  18. I Tried

Judge Dread – Pimpin Ain’t Dead

Around the time 23rd letta dropped I met Judge Dread and since then He’s been one of the hardest working artists in the town. This, Pimpin Ain’t Dead, (available on datpiff) is the first official online release of his material and I contributed a few tracks on this project.


  1. intro
  2. love my city
  3. get on ya job
  4. i aint going to sleep
  5. say (produced by me)
  6. exotic redbone
  7. everywhere we go (produced by me)
  8. uh what u say
  9. prices bouncing up and down (produced by me)
  10. the vent
  11. anybody can get it (produced by me)
  12. skit
  13. pimpin aint dead (produced by me)
  14. pimp’s type
  15. country boi’s (produced by me)
  16. i get money (produced by me)
  17. breaking all the rules
  18. the life

Ace Moe – Ace Hardware

Me and Ace go way back to ball playin days. This is his first solo project  Ace Hardware (available on datpiff) and I was honored to be apart of it. Hailing from Mississippi by way of the Dub Ace was a part of a group that consisted of 8:34 (you should know probably know who he is by now).  I produced a majority of this project and it I started to learn how to mix a little better (I still suck even now lol).


  1. intro (produced by me)
  2. fly s*** (produced by me)
  3. play it cool (produced by me)
  4. get my bread (produced by me)
  5. great
  6. everywhere
  7. hood hop (produced by me)
  8. stack dat paper
  9. smile (produced by me)
  10. country boi’s (produced by me)
  11. plan a (produced by me)
  12. get it off my mind
  13. cruisin (produced by me)
  14. showin my a** (produced by me)
  15. get paid (produced by me)
  16. new outfit (produced by me)
  17. let a n**** be (produced by me)

8:34 & DJ Knect – I Found My Knect (Hosted By DJ Knect)


The third solo project from 8:34, “I Found My Knect,” Hosted by DJ Knect. This project consists of 83 over plenty industry beats but there is a good mix of original production as well and is available on datpiff.
Tracklisting Below:

  1. Intro
  2. Salute Me
  3. Motto
  4. Piatt
  5. Public Service Announcement
  6. Otherside
  7. Middle Of The Map
  8. Rollin (Produced by G-lu)
  9. DCM
  10. My Hair (Produced by G-lu)
  11. Where They Do Dat At (Produced by G-lu)
  12. Feel Me (Produced by G-lu)
  13. Something That I’m Missing (Produced by G-lu)
  14. Racked Up
  15. Want It On The Flo
  16. I Do, I Do
  17. 316 Up
  18. Uh Oh (Produced by G-lu)

8:34 – Numbers Don’t Lie


Numbers Don’t Lie is the second mixtape by 8:34 and the second project that includes G-lu production. Available at datpiff.

Tracklisting Below:

  1. Freeze Me
  2. So Many (Produced By G-lu)
  3. Never Been
  4. Grind Always (Produced By G-lu)
  5. Prolly (Produced By G-lu)
  6. Wassup (Produced By G-lu)
  7. What They Talking Bout (Produced By G-lu)
  8. Never Fit In (Produced By G-lu)
  9. Dundada (Produced By G-lu)
  10. This Is How I’m Coming (Produced By G-lu)
  11. Down Low (Produced By G-lu)
  12. Feels Good
  13. When I Slide (Produced By G-lu)
  14. He Don’t Like That (Produced By G-lu)
  15. Aint Mad (Produced By G-lu)
  16. Cabin Fever
  17. I’m Good (Produced By G-lu)
  18. Tickin On’em
  19. Hate It

8:34 – Da 23rd Letta


Da 23rd Letta is the debut solo project from 8:34 and also my first official debut in the streets. One of my personal favorites because it was the first project I was heavily involved in. This mixtape took my production and 8:3’s talent to another level. The project is available on datpiff.

Tracklisting Below:

  1. What A Job freestyle
  2. Northside Get It feat. Big Sleepy (Prod. by G-lu)
  3. Way Too Sick feat. Ace Moe, Judge Dread (Prod. by G-lu)
  4. Go Hard feat. Stanboi (Prod. by Dj Woo)
  5. Ridin Round feat. YB (Prod. by G-lu)
  6. Fly Wit Me (Prod. by Fresh)
  7. Bank Roll feat. Crook C (Prod. by G-lu)
  8. I Want The Money feat. Ace Moe, Judge Dread (Prod. by G-lu)
  9. Mr. Official (Prod. by G-lu)
  10. Friend To Foe feat. Ace Moe (Prod. by G-lu)
  11. No, No (Prod. by G-lu)
  12. Zeroes (Prod. by Big X)
  13. How Ya Doin (Prod. by G-lu)
  14. Complainin feat. Stanboi (Prod. by G-lu)
  15. I Do feat. Squeeze (Prod. by G-lu)
  16. Got Her (Prod. by Big X)
  17. Put It Down (Prod. by G-lu)
  18. Somebody Else (Prod. by Big X)
  19. Real N****s feat. Ace Moe, Judge Dread (Prod. by G-lu)
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